Fee Schedule

$500 Per Hour, Divided Equally Among The Parties.

$500.00 per hour will be charged of any pre-mediation consultation and emails, reading time, and mediation session time.  No travel time is charged for mediations within the State of Arizona.  If you are interested in having the mediation conducted outside of the State of Arizona please contact us for the applicable travel charges.

Payment Responsibility:

Fees and costs are the obligation of the parties and their attorneys, jointly and severally.

Cancellation Policy:

If the mediation is scheduled for a full day, please be advised that Mr. Wales will charge the parties for a minimum of 4 hours, plus preparation time, if the matter concludes in less than a half a day.  If any of the parties cancel a half or full day matter within 10 business days of the scheduled date, the parties will be assessed a cancellation fee as follows: half-day matter $1,000; full-day matter $2,000, plus all preparation and travel time actually incurred. If another matter can be scheduled in the cancelled time slot, the cancellation fee will not apply.

Thank you for choosing Wales ADR!